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Tuesday's Take

I’ve always believed that confidence will take you a long, long way down your life’s many path’s.

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To this day I couldn’t give you only one reason “Why” I wanted to join the fire service.  the reasons are honestly far too many to count, or too many to pick just one.  For sure the influence of my family would be right up there.  Really at this point in my life I would say…Why Not?  I am willing and able and am at a point in my life where I can feasibly do it.  5 years ago…no.  I thought about fire fighting before I got married 15 years ago, but my life seemed to be flying by faster than I could put the brakes on and really think about what I was doing.  Shortly after I got married I had my first daughter and then 3 years later my second.  Quite frankly at that point in my life it wasn’t an option.  I was working full-time to financially help our family and having a pager go off at 3am with two kids and a husband that wasn’t supportive certainly wasn’t going to happen.  Then my life changed gears again 7 years ago when my marriage fell apart.  I was now financially responsible for my girls and me, a mortgage, bills and everything else life throws at you.  I did my best to take it all in stride…and I had some great highs and some low lows since then, but the time finally came.

In November of 2011 I finally handed in an application with our local Township for a Volunteer position.  Not knowing really how they would take it, I did have huge encouragement from a few of the men that were on the department that I had privately spoken with and it just felt right.  Well on November 17th of 2012 our recruit class were given our pagers….whewwww

It was a long haul!  It was a great haul!!  The haul is only just beginning!!!

Many things happened in between and I’ll save those for another post.  But most importantly, coming from a woman in an all male department (Township) I have to say one thing.  I am blessed.  I don’t say that from ignorance, or flightiness not even from a women’s bubble where one might just think all is sunshine and roses.  I say that from spending the last year with 17 male recruits and now within our department being treated with nothing but respect, equality and fairness.  “My Guys” get it and for that I am blessed.

Not that I expected anything less from “My Guys” (as the guys I work with will now be referenced ), however I have heard many a story from many other ladies out there and I hope that as more and more women enter this demanding profession more of those great fire “men” will step up and take the high road and treat everyone as equals.

I’m thankful for this journey of mine, I’m thankful for my family and their unwavering support, I’m thankful for my friends and all of their support and I’m thankful for My Guys…