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Tuesday's Take

I’ve always believed that confidence will take you a long, long way down your life’s many path’s.

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To this day I couldn’t give you only one reason “Why” I wanted to join the fire service.  the reasons are honestly far too many to count, or too many to pick just one.  For sure the influence of my family would be right up there.  Really at this point in my life I would say…Why Not?  I am willing and able and am at a point in my life where I can feasibly do it.  5 years ago…no.  I thought about fire fighting before I got married 15 years ago, but my life seemed to be flying by faster than I could put the brakes on and really think about what I was doing.  Shortly after I got married I had my first daughter and then 3 years later my second.  Quite frankly at that point in my life it wasn’t an option.  I was working full-time to financially help our family and having a pager go off at 3am with two kids and a husband that wasn’t supportive certainly wasn’t going to happen.  Then my life changed gears again 7 years ago when my marriage fell apart.  I was now financially responsible for my girls and me, a mortgage, bills and everything else life throws at you.  I did my best to take it all in stride…and I had some great highs and some low lows since then, but the time finally came.

In November of 2011 I finally handed in an application with our local Township for a Volunteer position.  Not knowing really how they would take it, I did have huge encouragement from a few of the men that were on the department that I had privately spoken with and it just felt right.  Well on November 17th of 2012 our recruit class were given our pagers….whewwww

It was a long haul!  It was a great haul!!  The haul is only just beginning!!!

Many things happened in between and I’ll save those for another post.  But most importantly, coming from a woman in an all male department (Township) I have to say one thing.  I am blessed.  I don’t say that from ignorance, or flightiness not even from a women’s bubble where one might just think all is sunshine and roses.  I say that from spending the last year with 17 male recruits and now within our department being treated with nothing but respect, equality and fairness.  “My Guys” get it and for that I am blessed.

Not that I expected anything less from “My Guys” (as the guys I work with will now be referenced ), however I have heard many a story from many other ladies out there and I hope that as more and more women enter this demanding profession more of those great fire “men” will step up and take the high road and treat everyone as equals.

I’m thankful for this journey of mine, I’m thankful for my family and their unwavering support, I’m thankful for my friends and all of their support and I’m thankful for My Guys…


Well I’ve recently started a journey that really started many years ago. I wouldn’t feel right writing anything without first giving full credit to the influences on my life and how I’ve made it down this chosen path of Volunteer Fire Fighting.

First of all my father. I know many of us experience varied relationships with our fathers and well mine has certainly been varied. Rocky. Up and down…whatever it may be. He is and will always be my Dad. Through all of the times we’ve agreed and disagreed the one thing that has always been true is my pride of him. There is no one in my life who even after years of stubbornness, separation or distance I can still sit down with and pick up where we left off. He has taught me many things in my life and one of the traits that stands out clear over the many years is that no matter what time of day, know matter what the weather and no matter what the circumstance whenever someone called on my Dad for help, I don’t ever remember hesitation. He was gone in what seemed an instant to do whatever he could do. And of course whenever that fire call came in everything came to a stop and out the door he went. Fire fighting has been in his blood for over 25 years now. I believe his passion for fire fighting and his commitment to community is now engraved in me too. He showed me what it means to make a commitment to people you don’t know, that even though you may not have slept a wink the night before you still have to get to work the next day, that you have to trust your instincts and believe in your abilities, that you need to know your weaknesses and be willing you voice your beliefs. Although I don’t think he intentionally meant to instil these things on me…through his actions he did. Believe me, I won’t pretend that I have a perfect relationship with my Dad because he is no where near perfect and nor am I…but I do think the world of him and I know that I wouldn’t be who I am today if he wasn’t in my life. For that I am proud. For that Dad you are my hero.

This story does not end here though. I have been blessed with another influence in my family. My brother. I can’t recall exactly when he joined the fire service, however I believe it wasn’t long after he finished high school maybe 15 years ago. And well…why he joined I couldn’t tell you that either. That’s his story to tell. But what I do know is that his commitment is loud and clear! He gives 100% percent in everything that he does. He is an amazing father to my niece and like my Dad I feel blessed that whenever I am with him we can pick right up where we left off. We weren’t particularly close growing up…we had our tough times. But we were together through those times and he has turned into a man that I look up to. In fact I kinda feel like a little kid saying it, but I wanna be just like my big brother one day! He is a little too tense sometimes and awfully serious others…but I love when he laughs and gets into something. I sometimes giggle to myself when I think about how he bought the house right next door to the Fire Hall, but now that I am a fire fighter, I get it. You want to be there. You want to be the first one at the hall. You want to be a part of the action. It’s a huge part of your life. Well my brother is a huge part of my life and a huge part of why I wanted to get into the fire service. Thank you brother. Thank you for being my hero.

I am blessed and these are my roots in the fire service.